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Containers collected to date
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Containers collected to date

The role of Suppliers and Retailers

Drinks Suppliers play a vital role in Return and Earn. Any First Supplier of eligible drinks into NSW needs to enter into a Supply Arrangement with the Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change, and contribute towards the scheme. The financial contribution each Supplier makes is commensurate with their share of the eligible containers sold in NSW.

Below you'll find the information you need to determine if you're considered a First Supplier, and if so, the steps you need to take to register your containers and enter into a Supply Arrangement.

Return and Earn comms toolkit

To support awareness and understanding of the scheme, we’ve created a toolkit of communication materials that can be downloaded and used in an in-store environment. Request the password to access the files by contacting and then click on the button below to download the file.

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Frequently asked questions

A Supplier is any business selling beverages in containers in NSW, or giving them away as part of a promotion. This includes manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

If the business is considered a First Supplier (the first business to offer the containers for sale in NSW), it must register the containers and enter a supply agreement with the Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change. You'll find detailed information on what a First Supplier is, including examples, here.

You'll find the information and links you need here.
You’ll need to register your containers with the EPA, and sign-up to become a Supplier here.

Every month each Supplier will cover its share of the monthly scheme cost by making a contribution based on their own market share. The market share is based on container volumes supplied for each material type.

The Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change, has published the different estimated costs for beverage suppliers and it is available here.

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